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LIGHTBELT LED shaft lighting for lifts –

brilliantly simple, brilliantly safe!

Since 01 September 2017, the new European elevator standard EN81-20/50 has been mandatory. Among other things, this standard provides improved lighting for lift shafts. With uniform and bright LED light, LIGHTBELT fulfils these new requirements perfectly.

The complete LIGHTBELT system

It consists of

Good ideas always come out on top

– like LIGHTBELT, the brilliant LED system for lift shaft lighting. The inventor and designer of technical lift components Jürgen Andretzky noticed that the advantages of modern LED lighting in lifts was increasingly used in the area of the lift car. However, safety-relevant lighting in the lift shaft is frequently eliminated in the modernisation cycles. He followed his observation with actions and joined forces with LIGHTBELT to develop a light strip that combines the greatest ease of assembly with the highest flexibility and best possible illumination. LIGHTBELT thus makes a significant contribution to the safety of assembly operators working in the lift shaft.

Technical data


Maximum length100 m     
 ≤ 50 m = europlug
 > 50 m = WAGO-clamp / open ends
Cutting length0,2 m
Cross-section area well 20 Lux (calculated)ca. 18 m²
Cross-section area well 50 Lux (calculated)ca. 7 m²
Voltage220 – 240 V AC / 50 – 60 Hz
Ambient temperature well-20°C to +45°C
Operating temperature+20°C to +40°C
Lifetime guaranteed20.000 h
Working lifetime: 2x6h in monthca. 138 years
IP protection classIP 54 (IP65 in preparation)
Input power W/m12 W/m
Color temperature6.000 Kelvin - daylight white
Beam angle LED120°
Amount LEDs/m70 LED's/m
Dimension light-strip16 x 8 mm
Weight without supply lineca. 0,12 kg/m
CertificatesCE, RoHS
Rectifieron board in the strip
Cool-down periodwithout cool-down period
Material stripPVC, self-extinguishing
Supply line0,5 m
Fixing type2 screws, top + bottom without dowel
Extension cable (optional)5 m, 10 m, 15 m, 20 m
Protection classII


Download Technical data (pdf)

LIGHTBELT assembly

As a complete system, LIGHTBELT is brilliantly simple and quick to install. Existing lift shafts with fluorescent tubes can also be retrofitted without problems. Only two mounting points are required for hanging, between which the light strip is clamped. Everything you need for the installation is included in the scope of supply. And since lift shafts can have very different lengths, the light tube can be adapted to all shaft lengths individually and be shortened by us every 20 cm. LIGHTBELT can thus be integrated into any existing passenger or freight lift to ensure radiant brightness and higher safety in the lift shaft.

Download assembly instruction (pdf)

The new EU standards